I had this guitar made in 1972 by a luthier I met at the Sawdust Festival in Laguna Beach when I was living there for a few months.  His name is Joel Souder and it was the 6th guitar he crafted.  Joel told me he sold one to JD Souther which convinced me to go ahead.    I later had the opportunity to talk with JD about Joel and indeed he did buy one from Joel.  Joel made several mistakes in building the guitar, primarily not putting a truce rod in the neck but he made up for it by using some of the finest Sitka Spruce for the top and amazing book matched Myrtlewood from the Oregon coast for the sides and back.  I later had the guitar bound by a luthier in Sacramento which caused it to lose some of its tone but it still plays well.  The fret board is purple heart.  I paid Joel $250.00 for it.  I've lost touch with Joel over the years and don't know if he even makes musical instruments anymore.  At the time he made the guitar for me he was living in Moss Landing, California.