Bill Evans entertained 24 enthusiastic fans at our home in Fair Oaks with his Banjo in America concert in May.  Bill took us from the early 1800's through Earl Scruggs music in a historical biographical evolution of the banjo in America.  San Francisco Bay Area musician and Virginia native Bill Evans has been involved with bluegrass music and the banjo for over twenty-five years as a player, teacher, writer and historian. He occupies a unique niche in the banjo world: celebrated worldwide for his traditional and progressive bluegrass banjo styles as well as his outstanding original compositions, he also enjoys a reputation as an outstanding instructor as well as being an expert player of 19th century minstrel and classic/parlor banjo styles.

"He is able to reach into the banjo’s past to make a sublime statement of its create a sound firmly rooted in tradition but still fresh and vital."
Tim Bond, Bluegrass Now



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